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About Me

When I was 15, my mom basically lectured me to pickup a web development hobby. So I did. And everything I know about web designing and coding today is self-taught in my room, since I was 15. I was so interested in the idea where the web is a magic canvas and that my design could become alive.

I studied at Taylors University and Univesity of Melbourne Australia in Bachelor of Environment Architecture. I also practiced Architecture in one of the top firms in Malaysia called Veritas where I mostly involved in designing luxury hotels and apartments.

After a few years practising Architecture, I got an opportunity to co-build
Laman7 with Edwin, the founder and I just jumped on it (more like I hired myself). Three years has passed, and I never looked back.

Today, I’m a designer, creative director at Laman7, based in Malaysia. I love to explore and express through the creative part of designing and learning about the technical as well.

I love the fast-paced nature of web designing, and the best part is when my clients manage to get real-life results that they wanted. Whether it’s for Branding image, increase leads, increase revenue.